Concrete mixing operation maintenance Daquan First, Yantai concrete mixing plant operators should have common sense 1, grasp the fundamental knowledge and concrete-related; 2, to understand some of each concrete mixing plant and mixing plant use and function of each control part of the function; 3, to understand the czp508e concrete vibrator rod operation flow mixing technology and mixing concrete floor. Second, the concrete knowledge of the operator should grasp Summary 1, concrete Introduction Concrete is a cement bond materials, sand and other materials will be condensed in an artificial materials, hardened with nature stone, referred to as concrete. Not the same demand for construction works concrete variety and function are vastly different, when produced midnight, if the production of concrete understanding of the function and usefulness, the device can be adjusted to improve the quality of concrete mixing, and it is not prone to mistakes. A primary function of the concrete symbol of its strength, with a side length of 150mm cube specimen after 28d of protection through standardized, measured out by compression experiments, commonly intensity scale is 10-60Mpa, usually with strength grade C20 -C60 show. Fresh concrete workability, perhaps called korea type concrete vibrators workability concrete mixture means that construction is not easy to operate, and achieved uniform quality, forming dense function, concrete technology function in general. It contains active resistance, cohesiveness and water retention in three areas meaning. Activity is the ease of events, ease overflowing pouring template corner. Cohesiveness refers to the nature of the concrete structure of uniform stable, easy to render stratification and segregation. Retention means easy to render bleeding. Workability in the greatest impact is active on concrete. Activities of plastic concrete with slump showed that the scale is generally 10-200mm. The greater its value can clarify their activity is stronger. Dry and hard concrete Weibo consistency to show that its size is usually 5-35s. The larger the value, the higher the hardness of the concrete dry.